Whole Foods

One of the key feature of the suites are our full kitchens, and when living in a new area, the first thing you need to do is secure a source of quality food. At Whole Foods, you can be assured of getting high quality items and fresh fruit.

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Lululemon Athletica

Part of settling into a new area is getting yourself comfy. Maybe you forgot your favorite "hang around the suite clothes" or maybe you want to hit the gym on Walnut Street in style. Lululemon has become the fast rising phenom from Canada that has swept through North America with its stylish clothing and its Yoga Zen culture.

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Eyeglasses at Eyetique

Nothing epitomizes the high-end luxury shopping experience in Shadyside like Eyetique. From designers like Cartier, Vera Wang, Oliver People's and Dior, Eyetique has the luxury eyewear market cornered on the East Coast.

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S.W. Randell Toys

Just a 5 minute walk from your suite is a wonderful old fashioned toy store sure to impress all of our smaller guests.

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Schiller’s Pharmacy

In a world dominated by big chain pharmacies and cookie cutter customer service Schiller's Pharmacy stands out. Since 1903 Schiller's has been servicing the Shadyside area with unique upscale products and personalized customer service that chain stores cannot match.

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